CHEMPFIX POWER EXPANDERS are formulated to provide outstanding battery performance at moderate discharge rates with very high depth of discharge at moderate temperatures.

Every single component of a CHEMPFIX Power Expanders mix is of high purity to avoid any negative

effect for the lifetime performance of the batteries.

Grades Available-

  • CPE100 (Automotive / Starting)
  • CPE200 (Deep cycle / Tubular)
  • CPE300 (E rickshaw radial plate)
  • CPE400 (Deep cycle VRLA)
  • CPE700 (E Rickshaw Tubular)

CHEMPFIX POWER EXPANDERS mixes are produced using only high-performance raw materials.


Component Material contribution in expander mixture (percentage)
Lignin 20-40%
Barium Sulphate 40-60%
Carbon 10-30%
Others 20-40%

  • Improves cycle life and ampere capacity of the negative plate.

  • Provides high rate discharge capability in winter climate.

  • Increases reserve capacity of batteries.

  • Provides negative plate to not shrink due to overcharge on float current charging.