CHEMPFIX POSITIVE ENHANCER comprises special additives that increase the electrical conductivity of positive plates. Enhance the charge acceptance of the PAM. It consists of Additives that work as grid protectors and prevents corrosion of grids, provide a protective shell to the positive electrode while charging and discharging mechanism.

CHEMPFIX POSITIVE ENHANCER mixes are produced using only high-performance raw materials, to enhance the lifetime performance of the lead-acid batteries.

Grades available:

  • CB150 (Automotive / Starting)
  • CB250 (Deep cycle / Tubular)
  • CB350 (E rickshaw radial plate)
  • CB450 (Deep cycle VRLA)
  • CB750 (E Rickshaw Tubular)
  • Enhances the charge acceptance of the PAM.

  • Prevents corrosion of grids

  • Prevents shredding of PAM.

  • Work as grid protector

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