We are one of the India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Battery plate chemicals & Battery additives all over the world. Our products are the recognized standard in the industry since 2004. With our proactive approach, technical and innovative research, Manish Enterprises® is continuously involved in the development of improved Additives  to meet the needs of the lead acid battery industry. Our goal is to identify solutions that will maximize performance and quality, thereby reducing the cost and improving the performance of our customer batteries.

Our Product are manufactured with specially designed Additives of high purity that enhances ampere capacity, increases cycle life, good electrical conductivity, high electrode capacity, increases reserve capacity of batteries, improves curing and crystal pattern of electrodes and superior cold cranking capabilities.

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Always Committed to quality, customer service, and efficiency, giving peace of mind to the global battery industry that we are manufacturing and supplying our products to their high standards.

We offer quality products manufactured to the very highest standards through years of experience.