CHEMPFIX™ ENERGIZER™ - Backup revival

CHEMPFIX ENERGIZER is used to dissolve sulphate deposits from lead acid batteries. The net effect is to lower the cost of battery based electricity by recovering otherwise unusable batteries. You can prolong the life of lead acid batteries by using CHEMPFIX ENERGIZER, that prevents sulphation. Supposed to be particularly good for batteries subjected to infrequent use, short trips, or inefficient charging system.

Charging or equalizing the battery after adding the CHEMPFIX ENERGIZER, will help circulate the chemical and start the cleaning process.



  • * Increase Power Efficiency.

  • Lengthen battery life.

  • Reduce Maintenance.

  • Reduce Terminal corrosion.

  • Clean batteries internally.

  • Equalize specific gravity and voltage level between individual cells.

  • Reduce the level of hazardous gases and acid spray emission.

CHEMPFIX ENERGIZER is strongly recommended for in service batteries to protect them from internal sulfation, increased power storage capacity and improved life cycles to get maximum life from batteries. Treat the batteries immediately once it is noticed that batteries have begun to start low running average or immediately after warranty period is over